In Short,

Harsha Master is an internet enthusiast and expert network technologist. Both his interests and job are around computer networks and communications, protocols, smart-cards, and small device operating systems. This is his personal website and mostly contains a unsorted blog, articles and pictures.

I have been following the internet trends and changes for more than two decades. During my free time, I try to do some hands-on new things on web technologies. These changes are also applied directly on the live website, this makes website unstable, and my food-for-thought starts from here. I’m passionate about computer networks and systems but most of my working day is all about firmware, smart cards and secure elements.

Akshara & Akarsha

Being father of two active smart kids, hardly I can claim to have enough undistracted time for myself. But this does not stop me steal some time in between the parental and home works. Elder son is Akshara, who is in German Primary School since a year, and happy to be in less stressed German School. Younger son is Akarsh, who is filled unlimited energy, and is a down to earth kid. Deepa, my better-half; to introduce her would need an another website ;)

Happy to try..

Sometime, yes very little times, we have this chance of being first ;)

to be continued …